A certification that allows you to teach EMBODY, anywhere, anytime. 


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Are you a coach who would like to introduce more embodiment into your coaching services?

… A movement instructor who wants to add a fun dance class to her roster of classes?

… Or maybe you’ve taken an Embody class (at-home or in-person) and have had the itch to facilitate a similar experience for your tribe?

The Embody Certification could be exactly what you’re looking for!

Whether you are a therapist, a healer, a space-holder, a modern-day priestess, or just someone who loves to dance and wants to spread the healing effects of hip-shimmying and booty-shaking, 

The Embody Certification offers you a simple, sweet and cost-effective way to integrate this highly-touted, widely-celebrated modality into your life and/or your business. 

No annual renewal fees.

No profit-sharing.

You get certified. You teach.


* * * The training consists of 2 components. You must complete BOTH of these components to get certified to teach. * * * 


Composed of 6 weekly video modules which you can do at your own pace, where you:

* Become proficient in the format & pillars of the classic 1 hr Embody class.

* Acquire the ability to create kick-ass, slow-building, archetypal-based dance playlists.

* Get skilled in warming-up women of all ages & backgrounds.

* Master a variety of different layered cues to facilitate deepening of the sensual experience.

* Deeply understand the archetypes Embody is based on.

* Learn how to create safe spaces for embodied cathartic release while taking care of your attendees.

* Get all the tools required to set up & run an Embody event (logistics/marketing/sales).


3 days of training with me where you will get the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Embody experience both as a student and as a teacher trainee. Before the end of the weekend, you will have experienced several different styles of teaching Embody and will be asked to teach a full Embody class to a group of women. The entire weekend will be facilitated by me, the founder of Embody. 

As the founder of Embody, I will provide you with a certification document to attest to your completion of the full certification program and eligibility to teach a 1-hour Embody Classic.

"When I took my first Embody class a few years ago, I knew I'd found something really special.  I immediately knew I wanted to offer this incredible class to my community and when Nadia announced she was beginning to train teachers, I was IN! Embody teacher training has been just as impactful as taking the class and I am SO excited to share and spread this beautiful experience."

~ STEPHANIE BURGBoard Certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach


You will also receive:

(and these aren't small bonuses... they're valued at approx. $2000 alone... take a look!)

  • 1 year of direct coaching & support from me as you embark on your journey as a teacher with monthly Q&A calls just for teachers.
  • A private Facebook group with your fellow trainees and myself to have a community to problem-solve challenges and share your celebrations!
  • 5 Classic 1-hour Embody Playlist Templates which you can use to start you off or when you are in a pinch.
  • Listing of your events on EmbodyDanceclass.com
  • 1 Embody Teacher Profile Spotlight (on social media & in my newsletter)

Deadline to Apply + Reserve your Spot: June 12th 

Would you like to take an Embody right now? Click here for a virtual Embody experience.

Embody Virtual Class
"Nadia is an amazing force of energy and guidance. I first met her at a retreat where I got to take my very first Embody Dance class. I was blown away by the precision to the details of music, voice, movement, sensuality and  expression that Nadia displayed. I was brought through the depths of all emotions and released so much I was gripping for years. Two years later, I am thrilled to be an Embody Teacher and thoroughly enjoyed my experience in the teacher training.
Nadia is able to guide without doing the work for you, and makes it clear that you hold the key to unlock your own beauty. She makes working with her a truly special experience. She is honest and compassionate in approaching individual learning needs and pushed me to step into the best version of me in my daily life and as an Embody Teacher. With her discernible expertise, I am entirely confident in her techniques, feedback and teachings. I 100% recommend taking an Embody in-person and/or at-home dance class and if you feel a pull to become an Embody teacher, go for it! I have no regrets and am forever grateful for the experiences Nadia has brought to my life and that I now get to bring to my community of women."

~ Halley Ceglia Terrell, LCSW, Life/Health Coach, Yoga Teacher (and Embody Dance Teacher)



Are there any prerequisites?

Anyone with a background in facilitating movement, yoga, group fitness is preferred.

However, it is not required. If you have NO background in any fitness/yoga instruction or body-work, don’t throw in the towel! Embody is more about holding space and musicality than it is about teaching movement. With that said, you will need a basic understanding of physiology and the body so we will simply have to evaluate on a case-by-case basis.

How long will it take me to make my money back?

This depends on how much you charge, but if you charge $25 a head, you can make back your investment in the training within 12 classes (assuming you have an average of 12 attendees per class and a cost of $50 for location rental.) And the best part is you don’t have to pay any annual fees so you won’t feel like you’re trying to play catch-up with your dues. Once you teach those 12 classes, every Embody class profit will be 100% yours. 

Can I teach Embody as part of my coaching package/workshop/event?

Yes. I specifically designed the certification so that you can blend it in with your unique genius. There will be criteria and guidelines on how to run the one-hour class to maintain a level of quality control & consistency amongst Embody classes around the world. However, you can incorporate the class into your women’s circles, yoga workshops, sisterhood retreats, body-love programs and anything else you offer!

Have more questions, contact Nadia directly at nadia@nadiamunla.com

I have hired Nadia to lead the Embody workshop at my in person retreats, mastermind workshops, sister circle gatherings and can't imagine curating an in person experience without it.  Embody has become an integral part of my retreat planning.  I trust Nadia to carry the intention I hold for my clients of intimacy, deep transformational work, mind blowing experiences and most importantly teaching them new resources they will integrate into their lives after the event.  My clients have gone on to rave about Nadia and how her workshop changed their lives for years after the event.

~ JEANNINE YODER, Business & Goddess Lifestyle Coach For Coaches & Founder of Mentor Masterclass, an all-in Life Coach training course for women on a mission.



**PLEASE NOTE that this certification does not make you eligible to teach an Embody Day (or ½ day) Workshop or create Embody-At-Home virtual classes. That is a separate training.**