A certification that allows you to teach EMBODY, anywhere, anytime. 


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Are you a coach who would like to introduce more embodiment into your coaching services?

… A movement instructor who wants to add a fun dance class to her roster of classes?

… Or maybe you’ve taken an Embody class (at-home or in-person) and have had the itch to facilitate a similar experience for your tribe?

The Embody Certification could be exactly what you’re looking for!

Whether you are a therapist, a healer, a space-holder, a modern-day priestess, or just someone who loves to dance and wants to spread the healing effects of hip-shimmying and booty-shaking, 

The Embody Certification offers you a simple, sweet and cost-effective way to integrate this highly-touted, widely-celebrated modality into your life and/or your business. 

No annual renewal fees.

No profit-sharing.

No extra materials you have to purchase down-the-line.

You get certified. You teach.

DEADLINE: June 12th

* * * The training consists of 2 components. You must complete BOTH of these components to get certified to teach. * * * 

ONLINE TRAINING (Sept 4th-Oct 15):

Composed of 6 weekly video modules which you can do at your own pace, where you:

* Become proficient in the format & pillars of the classic 1 hr Embody class.

* Acquire the ability to create kick-ass, slow-building, archetypal-based dance playlists.

* Get skilled in warming-up women of all ages & backgrounds.

* Master a variety of different layered cues to facilitate deepening of the sensual experience.

* Deeply understand the archetypes Embody is based on.

* Learn how to create safe spaces for embodied cathartic release while taking care of your attendees.

* Get all the tools required to set up & run an Embody event (logistics/marketing/sales).

INVESTMENT: $600 (will DOUBLE next round)

IN-PERSON (Oct 7th-8th):

2 days of training with me where you will get the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Embody experience both as a student and as a teacher trainee. Before the end of the weekend, you will have experienced several different styles of teaching Embody and will be asked to teach a full Embody class to a group of women. The entire weekend will be facilitated by me, the founder of Embody, in New York City!

IN-PERSON WEEKEND IN NYC: $600 (will DOUBLE next round)

As the founder of Embody, I will provide you with a certification document to attest to your completion of the full certification program and eligibility to teach a 1-hour Embody Classic.

You will also receive:

(and these aren't small bonuses... they're valued at approx. $2000 alone... take a look!)

  • 1 year of direct coaching & support from me as you embark on your journey as a teacher with monthly Q&A calls just for teachers.
  • A private Facebook group with your fellow trainees and myself to have a community to problem-solve challenges and share your celebrations!
  • 5 Classic 1-hour Embody Playlist Templates which you can use to start you off or when you are in a pinch.
  • Listing of your events on EmbodyDanceclass.com
  • 1 Embody Teacher Profile Spotlight (on social media & in my newsletter)

Deadline to Apply + Reserve your Spot: June 12th 


Would you like to take an Embody right now? Click here for a virtual Embody experience.

Embody Virtual Class


Are there any prerequisites?

Anyone with a background in facilitating movement, yoga, group fitness is preferred.

However, it is not required. If you have NO background in any fitness/yoga instruction or body-work, don’t throw in the towel! Embody is more about holding space and musicality than it is about teaching movement. With that said, you will need a basic understanding of physiology and the body so we will simply have to evaluate on a case-by-case basis.

How long will it take me to make my money back?

This depends on how much you charge, but if you charge $25 a head, you can make back your investment in the training within 6 classes (assuming you have an average of 10 attendees per class and a cost of $50 for location rental.) And the best part is you don’t have to pay any annual fees so you won’t feel like you’re trying to play catch-up with your dues. Once you teach those 6 classes, every Embody class profit will be 100% yours. 

Can I teach Embody as part of my coaching package/workshop/event?

Yes. I specifically designed the certification so that you can blend it in with your unique genius. There will be criteria and guidelines on how to run the one-hour class to maintain a level of quality control & consistency amongst Embody classes around the world. However, you can incorporate the class into your women’s circles, yoga workshops, sisterhood retreats, body-love programs and anything else you offer!

Have more questions, contact Nadia directly at nadia@nadiamunla.com



**PLEASE NOTE that this certification does not make you eligible to teach an Embody Day (or ½ day) Workshop or create Embody-At-Home virtual classes. That is a separate training but you can teach a 1 hour class within a longer original workshop of your creation.**