Embody-At-Home: A virtual Experience

Do you want to feel connected, powerful & feminine again?

...But you feel pretty trapped in your head and have a hard time dropping into your body & senses?

Embody Virtual Class

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It's like your head KNOWS you "should" be moving 

(and maybe even taking that trendy dance class you've been eyeing)

...but you are scared to go and deal with the voices that come up in your head when you have to look at the mirror and try to keep up with the dancer in front of you getting all the choreography right while you are fumbling three steps behind. 

(This is me EVERY TIME I take a hip hop class!)

...Or maybe you LOVE gettin' down to good tunes and have your go-to movement regimen but are craving a freedom-filled moving meditation you can do in the convenience of your home...

(Because commuting and traffic and really who's got time?!?!)

....Or maybe you've attended an Embody class and want to recreate the feeling over and over again anytime, anywhere...

(Because connection. Because sweat. Because BLISS.)

No worries, I got you!

Embody-At-Home: A Virtual Experience is designed for you to be able to do anywhere, anytime with my voice guiding you the entire time. 

The very first EMBODY class that I did right there in my home office was life-changing. (1).png

Just push play and let yourself journey far into the depths of the embodied freedom you've been dreaming of. 

Below you will find the entire Embody-at-Home library:

Embody Virtual Class Embody Virtual Class
Embody Virtual Class Embody Virtual Class Embody Virtual Class
Embody Virtual Class Embody Virtual Class

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