Solveig Pedersen

Solveig Pedersen is a certified Embody teacher, as well as a Certified Professional Coach, and university Communication instructor. She holds a master's degree in Professional Communication - and her thesis focused on the way people understand and communicate about nonviolence. Her coaching practice - Sol + Heart - provides heart-centered life, love, and leadership coaching and teaching for changemakers. She is based in Anchorage, Alaska and offers one-on-one coaching, group coaching, online courses, workshops, Embody classes, and retreats throughout the state and beyond.

Solveig sees womxn connecting in with their bodies, their femininity, and their inner power and potency as an integral part of co-creating a more peaceful and loving world. When womxn are embodied and connected to their inner wisdom, when they are appreciating and owning their feminine genius, and when they feel courageous, kind, authentic, and free, they are unstoppable. She is excited for the healing and connection with our bodies and inner strength that comes through this work. And also, she helps womxn feel love and appreciation for themselves and their bodies - no matter their size, shape, lived experience, etc.