Whether you've been dancing professionally for years, 

Or just dance in your shower - on occasion,  

There is a part of you that is BEGGING to be SET FREE.

You love music. You love gettin’ down. You love the buzz of of sweating out your emotions and expressing through your body. 

Except when you attend that new trendy booty-something-or-other dance class in hopes of unleashing that sass in you, you find you compare yourself to the 18 year old girl in front of you… who somehow magically gets the sequence right EVERY TIME!!

You KNOW  you are there for YOU but somehow you still walk out a little unsatisfied and a little down on yourself for not being able to keep up with the bouncy, fit YOU from 10 years ago. 

And That MIRROR. Augh.

On the other hand, the idea of taking an interpretive ecstatic dance class sounds equally uncomfortable… if not petrifying.

For one, in the classes, you just go and dance. Like NO STRUCTURE whatsoever. And that freaks you out.

Secondly, although everyone is probably really nice, it’s just a LITTLE too new age, hippie-dippie for you. You are intrigued by the idea but it’s just not YOUR people.

This is because your tribe is at Embody.

Embody is a space for women to discover their soul's dance, to explore all parts of themselves through uninhibited un-choreographed dance. Because we believe that we can only tap into our full potential and power when we are connected to all parts of ourselves.

We are dancing our way into oblivion to everything from mystical trance to Eminem to feel good top 40 songs.  (but you know, like the good ones!).

We are the women who want a dance class that is emotionally fulfilling. We want to walk in and feel welcome, held and safe to express our full range of emotions and energies.
We want to walk out feeling empowered, connected, vibrant and SWEATY.

  And you….You want to stomp, hip circle or
                   wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care. 
                                                            Except you do. It’s scary. 

Not here with us. This is your tribe.
We are ready to love up your rebellious side. Your soft side. Your primal side. Your sensual side.
Your angry side. Your passionate side. And to encourage a part of you that has yet to emerge.

Finally, A Dance Class That Meets You Where YOU Are.



...to hear members of the Embody tribe describe the class & how they feel after.

To preserve the sacredness of the class, no cameras are allowed DURING most of the class so what you see here is simply a SNEAK PEEK of what's in store for you. I invite you to adventure over into our dance cocoon to experience the unfolding yourself.