Interested in hosting an Embody Workshop in your city?

This workshop is designed to deeply connect you to your feminine body and cultivate your sensuality so you can feel vibrant, safe and in-flow in all the relationships in your life.

You're probably rocking SO MANY areas of your life... but something still feels off. Something feels unfulfilled.  

You're wondering what is it that the woman next to you has that you don't. Is it her style? Her confidence? Her body?

Nadia will guide you through a full sensory experience to get you out of your head and into your body so you can feel safe to express your feminine and feel held in a non-judgemental, safe space. 

Together, in sisterhood, we will explore what might be holding you back from feeling fully connected, vibrant and sensual; and we’ll wake up the parts of us that have been craving more voice and space.

Through a combination of dance, somatic movement, breathwork and coaching, Nadia will guide you to the depths of your emotions and will help you stretch your sensual range and pleasure potential so that you can embody the most connected version of yourself.

Gather your girlfriends and let's come together to:

·      Identify how you want to feel in your body & what you need to do to get you there

·      How to eat from a place of self-love instead of self-loathing. No more shoulds! 

·      Understand the cycles of your feminine body and how to support them.

·      A full Embody dance immersion designed to explore various feminine archetypes and get us feeling safe with the spectrum of emotions & identities we have as a fully-realized woman. 

·      The basic principles of Somatic Intelligence and body wisdom & how this will take your career, romantic life and  health to the next level.

·       Tools to help cultivate deeper connection to your unique body voice (breathwork & moving meditations that you can do at home!)

·      Chakra scanning to help you identify what areas of your body you feel disconnected from and how to change that!


As a sensualist, Nadia loves to fill spaces with kickass music, sensory delights and beautiful things.

Leave this workshop feeling like you went to the gym, the spa, your therapist and a women's gathering all in one session.



Access to The Embodiment Starter Kit (for your at-home practice)


Free phone consult for each participant after the workshop, helping them customize and integrate what they learned (valued between $200-$299 depending on length. ½ workshop participants receive 30 mins, full day receive 60 mins)

You can choose between a half or full-day workshop 

... depending on how in-depth you want to go.


Ticket price: $100 

Minimum headcount: 10

(snacks included)

(Please note that these ticket prices may change depending on location rental market prices in your area.)


Ticket price: $250 

Minimum headcount: 10

(Healthy Lunch & snacks included)

(Please note that these ticket prices may change depending on location rental market prices in your area.)



* Events ARE CUSTOMIZABLE. Email us at and we will get you set up.

** Nadia is also available to teach Embody Classes at YOUR retreat or event. Contact us for rates and details.